The Alchemy of a World in Crisis

“None of us knew when we entered 2020 that we would face catastrophic bushfires or a virus that would spread throughout the world. But . . .. crises can be unifying and consciousness-shifting.” – Lyn White, Animals Australia


Like so many others, I have a heavy heart. The severe tests that we all face in this Saturn/Pluto year, a year that started with a bushfire holocaust, has dramatically escalated with the global pandemic and economic crisis. This was always going to be a tough year (see Reality Bites), and the mountain to climb keeps getting steeper.

It feels as if the world we once knew is breaking down, and the future is uncertain.



I hope you are well, and your spirit undaunted, as the anxiety and difficulties of these times take their toll. I hope also that you find heart by exploring these severe challenges as an opportunity for transforming the way things have been. In the world, and perhaps in your own life too.

This is a metaphysical way of seeing, that doesn’t sidestep the need to urgently address real-world problems yet brings hope and energy toward making something better come of it all.



The Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction that is happening this year in the sign of Capricorn has been joined by fast moving Mars throughout the month of March.

Mars is an archetype that brings heat, aggression, and force to anything it touches, and here it gives the larger archetypal pattern a huge boost of energy. Perhaps it helps us appreciate that we are in a fight here, and what we do, what action we take, is crucial.

Astrologers describe planetary patterns in the sky, like this one in Capricorn, as World Transits. Meaning they affect us all. They create the zeitgeist that we live in and they trigger events that have universal themes.



A World Transit makes a special impact in your life when it triggers your birth chart. Then it becomes a Personal Transit. The most powerful Personal Transits happen when a planet in the sky is moving through a place that is home to a planet in your birth chart, or opposite, or in a 90-degree square.

Personal Transits are triggers for a new phase of personal development. Understanding them can give you profound insight into what is changing in both your inner and outer worlds. Right now. There is meaning in a Personal Transit. Some personal growth is trying to be born.

Do you know if the 2020 Capricorn planets are triggering your birth chart? And if so, how? And best of all, can you imagine how to ride this wave of change to your own highest good?


The 2020 transit of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn is bringing deep transformation to a special area of your life. This will be especially powerful if it triggers one or more planets of your birth chart.

If you know your chart and your transits you might like to reflect on the list below. Each of these planets in your birth chart symbolises an area of life and of consciousness. If one or more of these planets is being transited, what it symbolises is being pushed to grow.

If you don’t know your birth chart or your current transits, then book a session with me and we’ll go exploring together!

SUN Self-confidence, life direction, being true to yourself
MOON Home, family, patterns of self-care, your inner child
MERCURY Thought patterns, communication patterns, knowledge or learning
VENUS Relationship patterns, respect for self and other
MARS Anger patterns and assertiveness, fighting for what you want
JUPITER Beliefs, your moral universe, being right
SATURN Your responsibilities, personal defences and fears, structures you’ve built your life around and your stage of life

These suggestions are offered as a starting point for your self-enquiry, in the spirit of self-reflection, and with heartfelt respect for any challenge you may face.



Are you experiencing pressure to grow and change in one or more of these areas of life?

If so, then it is really helpful to remember that life and growth is a process. Any process takes time, and benefits from a generous helping of self-kindness.

The process of change begins by discovering old patterns that are holding us back and doing the inner work that can help to transform them. I like to call this process a ‘journey of the soul’, and I’ll write more about that later this year.

I don’t use the words ‘silver lining’ or ‘upside’ about a great challenge. Somehow it feels disrespectful of the great pain and suffering that is part of life. But I do believe it possible to find clues here about how to survive the crisis and respond to a new reality. About the potential for growing in a more constructive direction. I look for this in my own life, and I encourage you to also.

As astrologer Matthew Stelzner writes in a recent newsletter about the severe tests of 2020, “this is a responsibility we all have, processing the darkness to find the light.”



A proper analysis of your birth chart will reveal how the 2020 Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter transit is playing out in your life. Many of us are in the front lines, me included. Tasked with forging an inner phoenix and rising from the flames.

Because I work with so many clients and their charts, I can also identify some groups who share this journey with us.

  • Anyone with planets, or major points such as the ascendant or mid-heaven, between 20 and 30 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra.
  • Anyone having a Saturn Return this year, which is when Saturn has travelled all the way around the horoscope and returned to where it was when you were born. This usually happens between the ages of 28-30 and 57-59.
  • Anyone having a Pluto Square right now, that is when Pluto has travelled around your chart to make a 90-degree angle to itself. The age at which this happens varies from generation to generation and is happening for those in their late 30’s currently.
  • Anyone born in the mid-1960’s, some of my favourite folks, born during an amazing era when Saturn/Pluto/Uranus were in tight combination. Especially 60’s babies who have Jupiter as part of this pattern. That’s you if you were born in 1965 and early 1966. I add this group not because their unifying birth chart pattern is being transited by Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter but because these folks know this powerful energy and are seasoned travellers in the underworld. This is your time to step up.
  • Anyone born in much of the 1990’s, when Uranus and Neptune were together in the sky in late Capricorn, at its best gifting these babies with powerful ideals and exciting dreams. Now in your 20’s, your fine ideals are coming under a lot of pressure. Take heart. Don’t hang your head. For this is a special time to learn about the difficulties of making your dream real. Come down to earth by all means, let yourself be shaped by events. But never give up. We need your dreams and your passion for changing the world. Truly.


To get the best out of 2020 it’s important that we open our eyes to it’s challenges and understand them as the struggles of something new trying to be born. Jupiter shows us the way here, that the road to salvation is to find hope and meaning.

There is so much more to say about living with Saturn/Pluto. Especially about strategies that may help you respond to its challenges. I hope to share some thoughts on this soon.

As preview to this, and in conclusion, I leave you with the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, US President during the Great Depression and the 2nd World War.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Together we are in this for the long haul. We shall not be broken.

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