A life changing experience.

Deborah has helped me to go to the very core of myself and reach an understanding of my life that I thought not possible. This has helped me to continue moving forward with my life and dreams and to be the very best version of myself that I can possibly be.

I would highly recommend to everyone interested in spiritual growth to have a few sessions with Deborah. I’m sure you would gain clarity, insight and a significant amount of answers as to why you are here and the path that is for you to travel – Anna Pompetti


Always a casual observer of astrology, it was a long held desire to understand the technicalities of astrology alongside how  my natal chart has impacted my life. I have completed three sessions in twelve months with Deborah and am so grateful for her insights. Deborah clearly explained the technical aspects of not only my natal chart but how it responds to transits. Having this knowledge has helped me to deeply reflect on aspects of my personality, profession and purpose. If you are seeking a compassionate and informed astrologer I highly recommend you embark on sessions with Deborah – go exploring! – Leanne de Souza


Meeting Deborah has been a key to opening areas of my life I didn’t even know were locked. I came with lots of curiosity and no experience with astrology and I left with a strong and buoyant feeling of purpose. Deborah is, above all, a committed and passionate professional with an incredible depth of knowledge and insight. Her breadth of experience combined with her calm and ordered demeanour instills confidence and trust in every conversation. Meeting with Deborah is a valuable ‘touchstone’ in my life. – Ellen Reiner


I have always had a passion for astrology and had in the past the opportunity to have my natal chart done but what I experienced with Deborah was totally on another level. Deborah is passionate about bringing to the surface what we might not see, she offers a wealth of in depth information about each psychological life stage we travel through and a clear vision of our main archetypes and personal talents. After my first session, I had a deep understanding of some key events in my life and the reasons behind my choices. It was like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. I felt empowered and comforted in the feeling that I was on the right path. I had several follow up sessions with Deborah, each of them have been amazingly rewarding and enlightening. Astrological psychology is a powerful tool for self-understanding, psychological and spiritual growth and Deborah is a warm and intuitive practitioner that I highly recommend. – Christine Maudy, Reiki Master and Artist


Astrology is an incredible science and a wonderful tool to help make sense of your own unique pathway through life. It’s a blueprint. I find Deborah Muffet highly skilled and incredibly intelligent, and she has a wonderful ability to interpret my own personal journey. I hold her in high regard and can’t thank her enough for the meticulous detailed readings of my chart. This information has been an invaluable aid, and supported me through my journey, and through life. – S. Wood


Deborah Muffet is a gentle soul with a kind heart and a genuine intellectual curiosity about the human condition. Her passion for astrology and knowledge of classical mythology is skilfully woven together with insights drawn from her training in psychosynthesis and other traditions and provides a unique approach to her work. Over the many years I have known Deborah I have always found her readings to be fascinating; a wonderful source for understanding and reflection on the changing patterns of my life. – Cherie Sutherland PhD, Author



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