I work with astrology, tarot, and guided inner journeys as tools of intuitive guidance. Each of these methods can open the doorway to self-knowledge, which is the goal of every session that I offer (see Sessions and Pricing).

The type of session that you choose will determine how we work and at what depth.

The work I do is specialised, however I hope the answers below help to clarify any questions you may have. I look forward to helping you on your journey of self-discovery.


Here are some of the questions clients often ask – if you have other questions, feel free to email me.

How do you work with tarot?

Tarot is a brilliant channel for connection with intuition and higher self, so we take a moment to feel into the reading and connect with your inner world. An issue can be unravelled, resources revealed, and a healing direction suggested in a typical 5 card spread. I work with several decks, including Rider-Waite and the Wild Unknown, and favour them at different times.

What does an astrology essentials session cover?

We focus upon key archetypes that impact me with their importance to you.

What does an astrology in-depth session cover?

The session content may be guided by any specific question you have; or a special area of interest such as relationships, creativity, health issues, education, career, work; or even bigger questions such as ‘why am I here?’ You can set the agenda. But you don’t have to. By the time we meet I’ll be well briefed on themes I’d intuitively like to follow, given your archetypal patterns. Once we get together, we follow the magic. If possible, we will especially focus upon areas of your heart’s plan that are currently unfolding.

What information do you need for an astrology session?

Please see the ‘book a session’ page for exact details. But to summarise, the only essential information I need is your date of birth. The place you were born is very useful if you know it. And so is your time of birth. To find out your time of birth consider the following:

  • some countries report the time of birth on the birth certificate (not Australia)
  • you may have a baby card or a blue card that records the time of your birth
  • you can enquire about your record of birth from the records department of the hospital where you were born
  • there may be other documentation of your birth that records your birth time
  • often a family member present at your birth will have useful information

If you can’t obtain exact information, it helps me to know how approximate the time of your birth is, e.g. within an hour either way. If no information is available regarding your time of birth, then your date of birth will be used to construct your birth chart. This commonly happens, and still produces a brilliant map of your heart’s plan.

How can your work help me?

Heart’s Plan sessions are best for people who are on a path of  personal development, creativity, and self-understanding. My work offers a way of understanding your archetypal patterns, a way of seeing that opens you up to self-discovery and affords a deeper experience of meaning, purpose, and connection. Exploring your heart’s plan can be a fun adventure begun with curiosity and stepping stone to a therapeutic journey should that be of interest.

How do you explore the heart’s plan?

My specialisation lies in the art of reading symbols. I’m powerfully intuitive, and have many years’ experience using astrology, mythology, tarot and guided inner journeys as tools of self-discovery. Your intuition will be a valued partner as we explore the archetypal symbols of your heart’s plan. Where it is helpful to do so, I will also guide you through the deeper waters of exploring your life’s patterns, particularly as they were established in your family of origin experiences. Archetypal astrology raises to awareness both old patterns and inner potential and is quite different to the astrology you may find in the columns of newspapers or online.

If I have a problem, can you tell me what to do, or what will happen?

I can help you to access a deeper wisdom and to understand your life through an archetypal lens and we will consider your current circumstances in this light, however I cannot know on a concrete level what will happen in your future. I also strongly believe that it’s crucial for any practitioner not to tell a client what to do but to support them in making their own decisions about how best to proceed. Please read my Terms of Service below.

Is one astrology session enough?

One consultation can never be the complete story, but it can give you a blueprint, make striking connections between your life and your heart’s plan, and provide a taste of the process to see if it’s right for you. Understandably, to focus a session and give it direction demands some depth or diversity of coverage be sacrificed. Hence, further exploration is made more affordable via the option of a 3-session package.

How often should I have a session?

This can vary from person to person. As a rule of thumb, whenever you feel called to gain more insight or awareness. With enhanced connection to your intuition, you will know what you need. And what you need may vary over time. Your heart’s plan is a continuously unfolding spiritual process, that sometimes moves you through big transitions, and always urges toward wholeness.

Are astrology sessions recorded?

All the Heart’s Plan astrology sessions are recorded on an mp3 file for you to download from a cloud service. You will be emailed the link to your recording after the session. Although best efforts are made to produce a quality recording, there can be no guarantee of a recording, or one of high quality (due to the dependence upon technology, and for distance clients, the internet).

Tarot sessions and Intuitive Guidance sessions are not recorded.

What if I live too far away for us to meet in person?

I’ve been doing this a long time, and my clients live in a wide range of areas. Many are interstate, and some are overseas. I’m highly experienced in Zoom, Skype and phone sessions. Much of my work happens this way. Face to face sessions are available at my base in S/E Queensland, and I sometimes travel interstate to see clients. If meeting is possible that’s great. Otherwise, the session happens via Zoom or Skype or phone.

What if I need to change my appointment?

To reschedule an appointment, I require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Appointments can be rescheduled within a month, otherwise the appointment is considered cancelled and the cancellation policy applies. Cancellations up to 72 hours prior to an appointment will ensure a full refund. After this time, payment is forfeited as work on your chart is completed.


Should you proceed with a consultation please note that I am not a mental health professional. You should seek independent counsel from appropriate professionals for any concerns that may require specialised guidance, especially regarding mental health, medical, legal or financial matters.

By proceeding with this service:

  • you agree to take full responsibility for how you may understand or act upon the information which has been provided
  • you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms and conditions herein
  • you accept this disclaimer in full

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