Medicines for 2020

I’d like to share with you some practical resources created by psychotherapy and mindfulness experts for these difficult times. Think of them as food for the soul during adversity.

Firstly, a reminder. The astrological archetypes of 2020 inform us that profound transformation is trying to happen. In ourselves, and in the world. A fierce ending of the old that opens the door to the new (See Reality Bites). With death or birth comes pain, fear, and uncertainty. In the middle of it, as we are now, it can feel like being stuck inside a pressure cooker.

Hidden medicines

Yet there are hidden medicines within these difficult archetypes. Constructive qualities. Qualities needed to cope with our current challenges and build character necessary for our growth. We have an opportunity now to step into these qualities, like a growing kid trying on a new set of clothes.

Let’s explore two of these medicines and the qualities that they channel.



This is more than being able to look at yourself in the mirror and say something kind. Building self-compassion is always a work in progress. And it is especially important now.

The astrological reason that compassion is an archetype wanting to grow in 2020 is that the powerhouse pattern of planets currently linked to our life on Earth is in the sign of Capricorn, which is married to its opposite sign of Cancer. Lots of Capricorn energy, like now, must always be balanced by lots of Cancer energy. As yin balances yang.

Mother and child

Cancer energy lives in the ‘mother and child’ archetype, and always calls forth in us qualities of caring and nurturing and protecting. These qualities are much in demand in times of stress.

It’s time to find your mother lion. And her job is to take care of your young and vulnerable parts. Parts of you that may be very scared, anxious, and unsure right now. This kind of self-care is really important for your psychological and spiritual health.

Once self-care is your habit, you can then bring nurturing wherever else it’s needed. To your loved ones, the wider community, and Mother Earth. As your mothering muscle gets stronger, you can better resist the compassion fatigue so common in times of despair.

I think of my Cancer self as like my wise inner Mum, who knows me for who I am and loves me warts and all. Other parts might argue with her about that! Well, it does take a village.

Resources for Self-care and Compassion

For helping you bring attention, kindness, and calm to difficult emotions like fear. Follow these links to find guided meditation and reading resources in your quest for better self-care.


1. Pandemic care resource package by Tara Brach PhD

2. Meditations and Exercises by Kristin Neff PhD:


‘Care of the Soul’ by Thomas Moore PhD – a classic!

‘The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook’ by Kristin Neff PhD

‘The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing after Trauma’ by James Gordon MD



And now we turn our attention to Capricorn, the sign that is sort of like the ‘big daddy’ of the zodiac. The power packed planetary pattern of 2020 is happening here, all year long.

Today’s Capricorn power cannot be over-estimated. Not only are 3 planetary archetypes joined up in Capricorn, but one of those planets is Saturn, the planet said to rule Capricorn. Saturn loves Capricorn, he’s right at home here, and Jupiter and Pluto only enlarge and intensify the bromance.

Unlike Cancer, which directs our attention to the inner life, a realm of feelings and soul, Capricorn energy is concerned with worldly problems. It tests us, it demands that we grow up. But by doing so it also encourages character traits that help us meet the challenge.

Traits like this. Think of Capricorn as like a wise, old, mentor. Someone who will tell it to you straight, based on the many years they’ve been around and all the things they’ve seen and done. Just the kind of wisdom you need when you know you have to step up. You need a ‘wise elder.’

Two of the best qualities that the ‘wise elder’ knows how to deliver are:

  • resilience
  • and responsibility

Capricorn archetypes

Capricorn energy favours resilience, endurance, determination, grit, maturity, stoicism, commitment, and responsibility. These characteristics are expressed in a variety of archetypes associated with Capricorn and Saturn, including:

  • ‘the wise elder’
  • ‘the hermit’
  • ‘the father’
  • ‘the boss’
  • ‘the lonesome cowboy’
  • and ‘the breadwinner’.

Part of our learning for this year is to find these qualities within ourselves and wear them well.

Medicines for 2020 (part 2)

On this there is much more to share with you, so please look out for my next post which will explore the way Capricorn teaches us by testing us, the gift of Saturn/Pluto, how to build Saturn/Pluto muscles, and suggested resources for Capricorn medicine.

Most crucially, we will also explore how Cancer and Capricorn skill sets are married to each other, and how both are integral to your journey of transformation in 2020.


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