About your Heart’s Plan

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet (1.5..167-8)

The Heart’s Plan process offers you a life-enriching perspective ordinarily absent in modern culture. My aim is to facilitate your connection with an age-old ‘feminine’ wisdom, that can helpfully guide your growth, healing and decision-making.

The Wisdom of the Heart’s Plan

It is a wisdom found in Plato, the psychology of Jung, and many spiritual traditions, that each life expresses a unique pattern. This pattern is present at birth, and continues to evolve and mature throughout our lives.

Deep within who you are, and everything you experience, your pattern is unfolding. In this sense, your pattern is also a process, a process that gives meaning and purpose to your life journey.

I describe this process as your heart’s plan. Everything I do is an expression of my core mission . . .. to help you gain insight into your heart’s plan and explore how you might live it to the full.

The Heart’s Plan and Archetypes

The symbolic connection between heart and soul is ageless. The ancient Egyptians, for example, believed that the heart holds the soul and is the centre of the life force.

Your heart’s plan therefore describes a plan that your soul has for you.

The idea that your life is shaped upon an underlying pattern is also ancient. At least as old as the ancient Greeks. And our modern word ‘archetype’, meaning ‘original pattern or model’, comes from the ancient Greek noun ‘archetupon’.

I believe your heart’s plan to be your own personal alignment of major archetypes. Archetypes determine both your fundamental characteristics and where you are at in your life’s process.

Archetypes are the building blocks of your heart’s plan.

The way to connection with your heart’s plan is by getting to know your archetypes.

Get to know your Archetypes

The aim of the Heart’s Plan process is to:

  • explore your unique pattern of archetypes
  • analyse your current world through archetypes
  • help you explore pathways for fulfilling your potential
  • offer a perspective that can sustain you through difficult periods
  • help you to see your life’s journey as meaningful, and key events as purposeful transitions or rites of passage
  • weave these insights into a vision of your heart’s plan
  • help you connect with the part of you that knows the way

The Heart’s Plan in practice

We cannot read our heart’s plan like an instruction manual. We need to build bridges to that subtle realm.

There are ancient symbol systems for making this connection. I work with astrology, mythology, and tarot. There are also some wonderful psychological strategies that offer access to your inner wisdom. I use active imagination and guided inner journeys.

Each session with me is a 2-way conversation that is informed by astrology, mythology, archetypal imagery, and Jungian psychology. With compassion and non-judgement, and through a process of guided inquiry, we explore your key patterns, characteristics, and life themes, the timing of your transitions, and the deeper meaning of your experiences.

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