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Navigating Times of Change with the Astrology of 2021

The astrology of 2021 is volatile, and likely to lead us through the turmoil that can come with times of change. But we can learn how to understand and even work with the archetypes now in play. And find the good.

Let’s explore how.

We begin 2021 with a society already fractured and divisive. Along many lines of inequality. And tension between groups has been further aggravated with the whole world under the pump from the pandemic.

There have been important consequences to this.

Most unsettling, is that groups motivated by irrational beliefs and extreme ideologies are now having their day in the Sun. To the degree that in places like the USA, even democracy itself feels threatened.

Ordinary people are taking sides with virulently held views. Tensions bubble beneath the surface, threatening violence.  The recent attempt at insurrection at the Capitol is an egregious example.

This is a tough subject, and one I don’t have answers for or approach lightly.


What do the Astrology Archetypes of 2021 have to say?

What does seem possible though is to explore these problems through the lens of archetypes.

I believe that the special nature of the archetypes affecting all of humanity can be understood from the sky’s ever evolving astrology patterns.

So, let us examine how the astrology patterns of 2021 can magnify or heal the splitting in our society. What should we expect? And how might we ride the waves of change most helpfully?

We begin by returning to the main archetypal theme of 2020 to understand an important root cause of this more fractured society.


2020 and the Saturn/Pluto effect

The most potent energy of 2020 was a dark force indeed. This is the might of Saturn/Pluto. Saturn/Pluto events often manifest as crisis on a mass scale. Like the bushfires and the pandemic.

Such suffering forces us to look deep down into how we are living and to question what we are doing. At its best, it encourages our capacity for true grit and selfless responsibility.

Without a doubt the Saturn/Pluto combination of last year packed a punch, and one of its many challenges was the tendency at these times for psychological splitting to occur.

I’m not an expert, but I hope to explain this simply.


Psychological Splitting under Saturn/Pluto

Psychological splitting is the tendency we all have to split off dark thoughts and feelings and project them onto others. It’s a way that the mind copes with overwhelming realities that cause fear, pain, or oppression.

Projecting dark forces outside of ourselves in this way enables us to fight evil doers out there instead of feeling difficult feelings. Which helps us to feel more safe and in control.

With psychological splitting it becomes possible to have a simple world view. Of clear right and wrong. Of goodies and baddies. Of good vs evil. Complex issues are reduced in size by black and white thinking.

Psychological splitting is common to all of us, but it can sometimes catch on like a virus and go large scale. It then becomes a social phenomenon. It causes our society to split.

This is happening in our society right now, and is triggering an eruption of irrational beliefs.

Such as conspiracy theories.


Conspiracy Theories as a Legacy of Saturn/Pluto

The 2020 phenomenon most likely triggered by psychological splitting is the wildfire spreading of conspiracy theories.

These range from far-right fantasies of a paedophile ring run by Democrats in the US government, to the decrying of the US election as stolen, to the belief that Covid-19 is a hoax, or that vaccines and 5G networks are driven by evil actors. And there are plenty more.

What they have in common is that each identifies an ‘evil other’ as cause for some terrible ill, with the belief that a return to safety requires resistance and rising against those others.

These groups flourish in an online bubble, where consensus facts are no longer accepted and information contrary to the belief is labelled fake news or fake science. The group makes its own reality, deep down the rabbit hole.

Conspiracy theories are irrational, but very human, especially in times of insecurity.

We are now slowly moving on from the overpowering Saturn/Pluto archetype. How may its legacy of large-scale psychological splitting evolve throughout 2021?


2021 brings Change with the Spirit of Aquarius

As you can read in my recent blogs, 2021 is a fresh start with different archetypal energy. Jupiter and Saturn travelling through Aquarius, and clashing with Uranus its ruler, fling us into a year where change becomes the norm.

Where reality mismatches ideals, we are asked ‘what needs to change for the better?’

This questioning impacts our personal journey, but also triggers a concern for social change. Social issues, already a passionate concern of the Aquarian spirit, will likely activate us more than ever.

There are two consequences to this.

Firstly, social movements pushing for reform will become more popular, grabbing our attention with the importance of their causes. Public protests are likely to be energised, and may sometimes prove ground shifting.

And secondly, we are more likely to identify ourselves and others along the lines of ideology. Which empowers group movements with a sense of belonging, but also enhances a perception of ‘us vs them’.

In this strange way, the Aquarius energy now in play can both unite and further divide us.


Aquarius and the Higher Mind

Equal to its concern with social issues is the Aquarian love of the higher mind.

Aquarius lives through the intellect. You might find that odd, if you think of Aquarius as one and the same with the New Age movement. (Some aspects of which you might find superficial, while at the same time recognising that some aspects are very useful).

Aquarius is less concerned with ‘peace and love’ however than it is with ‘understanding’. It is the world of ideas, concepts, and reason, and is the force at work behind the cutting-edge development of knowledge.

Like the idea of holism, that understands everything to be both part and whole, which has informed many fields, including holistic medicine.

It was surely the archetype of Aquarius that inspired Descartes to write ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Perhaps not a holistic view but claimed here as Aquarian because of its reverence for the psychological function of thinking.

2021 is likely to bless the pursuit of knowledge. Mental breakthroughs could inspire astonishing developments in science and technology. New insights could lead to new inventions. It is a time for genius to thrive.

The Aquarian passion for change, for a better world, a new world, can be met equally by both futuristic developments in knowledge and social activism.


The Future for 2021

Pausing now to summarise, it would seem that the dark archetypes hanging over from 2020, and the Aquarian archetypes newly in play, make for a rich and unsettling brew.

What could this mean for the future?

Firstly, a fresh start in 2021 means heeding the need for change. A new sky of Aquarian energy is urging us to get on board with social, political, and economic reform. And to reason and think our way through our dilemmas.

Yet this energetic shift hits a world heavy with fallout from Saturn/Pluto in the form of ongoing large-scale crisis and mass psychological splitting.

And this can be a turbulent mix.

If enough people remain resistant to reason, or resistant to change, there will continue to be fractures in our society.

Especially with the Aquarian shadow tendency of extremism and divisions along the lines of ideology.

Through this archetypal lens, 2021 looks to be a volatile year, with possible conflict an ever-present bridesmaid to the larger process of change.

The brave new world, as promised by the zeitgeist surrounding the Age of Aquarius, could have a few teething problems. That with greater consciousness, we might better navigate.


Predictions for 2021 and Helpful Strategies for Finding the Good

The challenges of 2021 are a very big subject. To try and do it justice, I offer this archetypal analysis of our times as two halves that together make a whole.

My next post, ‘Astrology Tips for 2021’, will outline general predictions for this year as agreed by the world’s brightest astrologers.

And because sometimes to look forward we need to look back I also share the riveting discoveries by archetypal astrology guru Richard Tarnas PhD about Saturn/Uranus, the most challenging of 2021’s archetypes, and its historical correlation with times of civil war.

I also respectfully offer some helpful strategies for finding good in the archetypes of 2021 and growing their virtues. May they help to navigate your way.

Part 2, coming soon.


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