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Hello, and welcome to Heart’s Plan. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Deborah Muffet and I’m an intuitive guide working with astrology, tarot and guided inner journeys.

My work is unique and specialised. It has taken a lifetime of extensive training and professional experience to bring it all together. I love how it helps people.

And I’d love to explain how it could help you.

Your Heart has a Plan

Have you ever wanted to better understand yourself, to learn and to grow? Have you tried to make sense of a difficult time, or wanted to become the best of who you are? Have you yearned for meaning and purpose? Or needed help to find a way forward?

I believe that always and forever your heart has a plan for you. And if you know how to listen, there is guidance available. There is guidance to be found within you and in the cosmos. This is what I have learned in my life journey, and what my clients and I learn together.

Intuitive Guidance

How can we contact this inner wisdom?

The tools that I work with bring together sacred ancient knowledge and modern therapies to unlock intuitive guidance. The inner work, the astrology, the tarot, each have at their heart the art of interpreting symbols. I help you find meaning through symbols.

Why symbols? According to legendary astrologer and Jungian analyst Liz Greene, intuition responds to the meaning of a symbol and makes us capable of understanding the meaning of an experience or ourselves.

Together we can explore any question you may have using symbol, image and story to access the wisdom of your intuition and what some call higher self.

Be prepared for self-reflection in our sessions together as you take new steps upon the healing path of self-discovery.

The Heart’s Plan and Archetypes

When working with astrology and your birth chart we set out to discover a unique inner pattern that shapes your character and purpose. This unique personal pattern is a family of archetypes. I call it your ‘heart’s plan’.

The idea of archetypes at the core of being is as old as Plato, and is embraced by many therapies, especially Carl Jung’s psychology.

Archetypes are like energy imprints that have both an inner and an outer expression.

The archetype of ‘the warrior’ for example, is felt psychologically as the instinct to fight, to win, and to get your own way. Outer expression of the warrior archetype is assertive or high energy behaviour that loves to be channelled into roles that live it well, like ‘the athlete’.

Growth, Healing and Change

Archetypes are the raw materials of your hearts plan and they express your essential nature. But they don’t remain static. They grow, right throughout your life. The growing pains of your ‘heart’s plan’ have inspired your whole life story.

Archetypes grow and unfold in a unique yet predictable way and understanding what is happening and when is part of the work we can do together.

Once you discover more about who you are at this deeper level you have the potential to better fulfil your gifts and talents, bring support to your wounds, and make helpful decisions going forward. Think of your ‘heart’s plan’ as your personal road map for growth, healing and change.

Symbols, Astrology, and Tarot

Your birth chart is an accurate and colourful map of your ‘hearts plan’ and is without equal as a riveting guide to your archetypes. The symbols of your birth chart are thousands of years old and you will learn about them through a lens of Jungian psychology and classical mythology.

Tarot cards are another very old symbol system that give voice to messages from your inner world. Each card pictures a theme, a process or dilemma to be faced on the soul’s journey through life. Tarot can really get to the heart of things. An issue can be unravelled, resources revealed, and a healing direction suggested in a typical 5 card spread.

Session packages allow more time to explore the guiding symbols that arise in imagination exercises and guided inner journeys. The images that arise from your inner world are a healing wisdom for whatever confronts you at this point on your life path.

These tools and techniques are based upon my many years of experience and extensive training in these fields.

The language of symbols

In all our exploring together, we will explore with symbols. Symbols are the language of our imagination, intuition, insight and creativity. You use symbols in processing information with the right side of your brain. They help you see ‘the big picture’ by revealing patterns and making connections.

It is through seeing your life symbolically that you make sense of things. That you experience ‘aha’ when the dots line up. It is by seeing with symbols that you make meaning and find purpose and wisdom in the meaning you make.

You need symbols to see with your heart and soul. They are the language of the artist and the poet, the mystic and the psychologist. And they are natural to you too.

As an intuitive guide, I speak this language; and it would be my privilege to deepen your connection to this ever-present source of loving guidance.

I really look forward to working with you, and to helping you discover the heartbeat of a living wisdom connecting you with the cosmos.

Warm wishes, DEBORAH

PS: If you have any questions about Heart’s Plan or would like more information, please explore the FAQs or send me an email.



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