Intuitive Guidance

A Spacious View – to help explore personal patterns

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost – “The Road Not Taken”

My path in life has not been mainstream. The call of my own heart’s plan, you might say, has ever urged me to walk to the beat of a different drummer. And so, I come at things in a different way, as only an intrepid fringe dweller can do.

Heart’s Plan

The Heart’s Plan is a result of what I’ve learned from a lifetime of exploring the byways of the road less travelled. What I love most about my work is that it’s new, different, idiosyncratic, while also based upon a perennial wisdom and a rich history of ideas. And, it helps people.

I’d like to explain a little about Heart’s Plan and how it might benefit you.

I work with astrology, tarot, dreams, images, myths and guided inner journeys to help my clients explore their personal patterns.

Your patterns reflect who you are, deep inside. And who you are deep inside is a wonderfully unique combination of archetypes.

My job is to help you unpack the archetypes in your life and connect with their guidance.

You should feel a sense of recognition when this happens; a sense of aha, this rings true, it makes so much sense!

This is why intuitive guidance is so often experienced as healing and supportive.

All my training and the many years I have spent on my own self-development also makes me highly empathetic to others who are engaging with their issues and want to move forward.

You might wonder if people like you come for intuitive guidance? Probably.

How does intuitive guidance work?

Some clients are simply curious about their archetypes and wish to discover more about themselves. While others have in mind a specific issue they wish to explore.

Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to check out Hearts Plan, and you come for a session at a time in your life when you are particularly interested in exploring relationships. Perhaps you have a history of bad relationships and have just met someone new. You are in the honeymoon phase. You are hopeful, but don’t want to repeat old patterns that caused you suffering.

How might you do the next step differently?

With the amazing tool of astrology, and the guidance offered by art, myth, tarot, dream, and inner journeys, I will help you explore questions like these:

  • what have I done in past relationships?
  • what are the earliest roots of this pattern?
  • how might it be different now?
  • how might I channel my need for love, beauty, and affection more constructively?
  • how might I see a new love more realistically, for who they really are?
  • what are some things that would be helpful to work on right now so that I may move forward?

The aim of this exploring is that you come to appreciate your current experience as a potential rite of passage for your personal growth. This outer event, of falling in love, can be viewed as the creative expression of your heart’s plan striving to unfold. It has deeper purpose.

This is a new light, a new way of seeing, that allows you to get on board and better support your personal growth process.

An archetypal lens allows you to see the current moment as a meaningful part of your whole life journey. This is a more spacious view that can ease your concerns and help you to move forward.

If I had to pinpoint in one phrase what Heart’s Plan can offer you I would say that it offers a living experience of “as above, so below”, a wisdom found in ancient texts suggesting that the outer and inner worlds really are connected.

This wisdom is what has helped me to find my way at the turning points along my own life’s road. With Heart’s Plan I offer what I have learned to you.

“Astrology is a beautiful perspective given by the grace of the divine to help me remember who I am, and to help me see myself more clearly, more fully, and with more depth and texture”.

– Jessica DiRuzza, psychotherapist and astrologer, podcast Correlations (19/2/18).

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