TAROT                 60 mins

“A journey through the tarot cards is primarily a journey into our own depths. Whatever we encounter along the way is… an aspect of our own deepest, and highest, self.” – Sallie Nichols, Jung and Tarot

Tarot cards are a very old symbol system that give voice to messages from your inner world. Each card pictures a theme, a process or challenge to be faced on the soul’s journey through life.

Tarot inspires any Heart’s Plan session, but here it is the main means of a ritual connection with intuitive guidance. This is a special experience, with a sacred feel to it.


Can I choose a question to explore?

You may like to reflect upon a life issue in your session, or you can simply stay open to what presents as we follow the magic. There will be opportunity to find centre and tune into your inner world as we begin, and you will know what to do.

Be aware that yes or no questions do not suit the tarot and that open-ended questions do.

Decks and Spreads

The tarot is a mysterious deck of cards of unknown origin. I usually work with the popular Rider-Waite deck which was first issued in 1910. I sometimes use a contemporary deck, called The Wild Unknown, by artist Kim Krans or the medieval Marseilles deck. I might also introduce an Animal Spirit card.

I follow my intuition as to what layout to use, but we generally begin with 5 cards. This layout gets to the heart of things without information overwhelm. An issue can be unravelled, and personal resources revealed. A healing direction or pathway for growth may also be suggested in a typical 5 card spread.

I may also use a Celtic Cross, 2 or 3 card spread, and sometimes a single card if that feels called for. There are no rules about how we should proceed, and we shall be intuitively guided.

Transformative Tarot

“The set of pictures on the Tarot cards [are] distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation.”  –  C.G. Jung

These readings can go deep, and suit those who are open to inner reflection. And if we are open in this way, the tarot symbols can guide us toward personal development.

Tarot is a guiding wisdom. It is not fatalistic or specific about outcomes, but instead is a flowing, imaginal awareness that invites you to understand your life journey as both deeply human and open to transformation. The insight that we seek is a loving guidance that is both helpful and healing.



If you would like to become more conscious of your life journey, consider the illuminations afforded by ancient tarot. Its ancient symbols arise from the philosophies of many traditions and access profound wisdom about life.

Tarot is rich with symbols that will speak to your inner world and is a lively hook for intuition. Used respectfully, and with guidance, a tarot ritual can expand your self-awareness and assist personal growth.


Fee               $79

“[Use tarot cards] to help talk about what’s going on in your life. It will be positive. It will be radical. You’ll find things start to reveal themselves through the cards that have been hidden away, covered with dust.” Kim Krans – The Wild Unknown


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