Intuitive Guidance – the Next Level

Package of 3 sessions – 60 minutes each

Intuitive guidance sessions can help you grow, heal, and change by exploring the way that different parts of you are playing out in your current dilemmas. Each of these parts, or sub-personalities, has a need and our aim is to help these parts get along with each other and to meet their needs constructively.

This is a trans-personal approach to counselling, meaning we also seek connection with the part of you that is wise and loving and can help guide the way.

Our level of exploration goes to the next level in these sessions, by more active dialogue with your inner world.

Listening is key, and where appropriate we will use tools such as guided imagery and active imagination that open the door to within.

These sessions aim to help you:

  • learn how to listen, take notice, of your inner world
  • trust your process
  • work with challenges/blockages
  • liberate potential
  • discover the roots of old patterns in family of origin experiences
  • open to your intuition
  • awaken to synchronicity
  • envision the noble expressions of your parts, and how you might live them
  • bring love and acceptance to your wounds
  • illuminate the spiritual bedrock of your life’s journey
  • move toward wholeness

This Package of 3 Sessions is for established clients who would love to go deeper.

Fee $260