Astrology sessions

I will guide you into the inner world of your heart’s plan using your astrological birth chart as a starting point.

Astrology  essentials                      1 hour

The 1 hour session is highly focused and is designed to introduce you to some of the key fundamentals of your heart’s plan. Where time allows, I will also identify areas that we might unpack and explore more deeply in a future session.

Astrology  in-depth                       2 hours

In the 2 hour in-depth sessions we cover more territory and go deeper. I may also bring in other strategies, such as guided inner journeys, family of origin enquiry, myth and folklore, dialogue with sub-personalities, active imagination, and tarot imagery, depending on where we travel in the session.

Starting with your birth chart

We begin with your birth chart because it provides an extraordinary framework for connecting with your heart’s plan. It symbolically describes a unique pattern of archetypes living through you.

Expect some ‘aha’ moments, as you recognise how the needs and characteristics of each of your archetypes propels you and shapes who you are.

We will also explore how your heart’s plan is currently unfolding in your life, as suggested by significant transits to your birth chart. Transits occur when today’s planetary pattern geometrically aligns with your own.

The focus of your session

The content of an in-depth session can focus upon any question or issue you’d like to examine. Whatever your area of interest might be, we will be assisted in understanding its deeper connection to your heart’s plan by exploring questions like these: – (to the extent that a single session allows)

  • Who are your archetypes?
  • How do they motivate you?
  • How are they expressed in your life story?
  • How might you rise to your potentials, and better meet the demands of your challenges?
  • What is the gift you bring to life?
  • What is trying to happen deep inside you, right now, and how does this relate to what is happening in your life?
  • How could you better co-operate with this deeper intention?
  • How might old patterns now be transformed?

Connecting with the deeper intentions of your heart’s plan can also help you to anticipate the challenges and creative opportunities lying ahead, and to envision a path forward.

A one-off session, although limited in coverage, offers a profound insight into your heart’s plan, and is the foundation stone for deeper enquiry.

Fee $99 **           1 hour astrology essentials

Fee $199 **          2 hour astrology in-depth


** Price inclusive of the preparation time necessary for a full archetypal analysis PLUS recordings and required astrology charts.


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