Understanding Your Birth Chart

“We are born in a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.” Carl Jung

The Birth Chart

In my work as an Intuitive Guide I always begin to unveil the Heart’s Plan with an astrological birth chart.

Your birth chart is a map of the planetary patterns at the time and place of your birth. Jung’s idea of synchronicity suggests that you are an expression of this pattern. That your archetypes can be read from this pattern. Plato’s idea that your archetypes are imprinted at birth, confirms the importance of understanding the archetypes of your birth moment.

Most people respond with fascination at how aptly their birth chart describes the key themes of their lives. Expect some ‘aha’ moments, as you recognise how the needs and characteristics of each of your archetypes propels you and shapes who you are.

Symbols of the Birth Chart

In between sessions you might find it helpful to have a reminder of what the key symbols in your birth chart mean. You’ll find here a short explanation of the archetypal themes of each of the major planetary bodies.

The planets are what I consider to be the most important feature of your birth chart.

There is other information to be found in your chart too. For example, the relationship between the planets, as shown by the lines that connect some of them. And the houses, or areas of the chart, in which they are situated. And the astrological signs of each of the planets, e.g. Virgo, Leo, that give them a certain quality. Where any of this information adds important meaning to the story of your Heart’s Plan it is covered in our sessions.

In the table below are the archetypes that match up with the major planetary bodies. You can think of them as being like the different colours of your make-up, or even like radio frequencies that you can tune in to. Some people like to think of them as the gods within. Together, they paint a picture of your Heart’s Plan.

Further down you’ll find an example of a birth chart, my own. Find these symbols on my chart if you like, and on yours if you have it.




the hero on life’s journey, shining light, the ego and personal identity, will and purpose, individuality, e.g. The Hero


d MOON  

the child, the mother, feelings, caring, body and soul, the anima, e.g. The Great Mother Goddess



the mind, communicating, thinking, reasoning, perceiving,
e.g. Hermes – messenger of the gods



love, value, attraction, beauty, relationship, e.g. Eros, Aphrodite


h MARS  

the warrior, competing, fighting, taking action, forceful energy, libido, courage,
e.g. Ares – god of war



wisdom, beliefs, the big picture, joy, optimism, expanding, progressing,
e.g. Zeus – king of the gods



time, matter, tests, difficulties, limits, maturity, necessity, reality check, judgement, mortality, authority, responsibility, the senex, fate, the superego, e.g. Kronos – father of the gods



wise and respected teacher, mentor, the incurable wound, the inner healer, compassion for suffering, soul pain, e.g. Chiron – the wounded healer



freedom, change, revolution, the rebel, the unexpected, the new, breakthroughs, brilliance, awakening, e.g. Prometheus – the fire-stealer



the higher self, archetypes, the symbolic, imagination, the sacred, spirituality, empathy, sensitivity, synchronicity, letting go, boundlessness, faith, the ideal, myths, dreams, mysticism, metaphors, images, the infinite, mother-sea, e.g. The Muses – goddesses of the arts



passion, power, the instincts, the earth gods, animal nature, the underworld, the shadow, the id, death and rebirth, the taboo, depth, intensity, potency, e.g. Dionysus – the god of fertility, Persephone – the queen of the underworld, Kundalini – the serpent goddess


Deborah Muffet Birth Chart

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