Engaging With Your Archetypes

Archetypes are personal

How an archetype lives through you will be personal. We will explore how the archetypes uniquely relate to each other in your birth chart, how you express them, and how they have come through in your personal experiences.

This is because there are many ways that an archetype can be expressed and still stay true to its theme.

It’s also possible for an archetypal complex to be suppressed or hyperactive.

It’s even possible for an archetype to be projected onto someone else.

Your choices matter

How you choose to express an archetype matters.

If you have a Mercury/Saturn combination, for example, you might be in the habit of expressing it as scepticism or negative thinking. But equally you have a great gift for problem solving, serious study and mental discipline.

With awareness, you have more capacity to choose how you express your archetypes.

Engage with your archetypes

The archetypes of your personal Heart’s Plan are the treasure of your soul’s own wisdom. They are well worth taking the time to get to know.

“This universe is not outside of you.
 Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
 you are already that.”
– Rumi


Are some archetypes bad?

Your archetypes are simply a deep lying fundamental pattern of energy within you that gives purpose to your ongoing life journey, and no archetypes are ‘bad’. Your heart’s plan is a complex web, in which the archetypes influence each other, and develop their relationship to each other over time. Just as any archetypal pattern is unique to a moment, and is unlike any other, the archetypal pattern that you express is incomparably special, and unique to you. It is true that some archetypes are, by nature, more challenging than others, but each is a fundamental part of your heart’s plan.

Have I the freedom to change?

The archetypes of your heart’s plan will call forth some characteristics and life experiences more than others. Your fate, if you like. But because there are endlessly varied ways that an archetype can be expressed within its theme, our freedom to change lies in consciously choosing how we act it out. This applies to situations where exerting our will can affect a difference. With developing awareness of the how and why behind an old pattern, comes the potential for making new choices. This is the deeper work of exploring your heart’s plan.